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Frequently Asked Questions

Estimate Process

How do I schedule an estimate?

Please call 910-477-6075, email or use our contact form to request an estimate. To receive your estimate quickly, please make sure to include your address and email when you reach out! We will be in touch as soon as possible to confirm that we have received your request and let you know when we will have your estimate ready. We strive to send estimates within 1-3 business days.

Do I need to be home during the estimate?

No, you do not need to be home. We will do a quick walk around the perimeter of your home to count and take a look at your windows. Then we'll reach out with your estimate and our upcoming availability.

How accurate is the estimate?

Your estimate is for our basic service; inside and outside cleaning of all exterior glass in the finished portion of your home.  

Other services such as interior glass partitions, French doors, basement windows, and paint removal can be added for additional service fees. Please ask us for a quote on these additions prior to the day of service so we can schedule accordingly.


In the rare instance that complications arise on the day of service and additional fees need to be added, these will be discussed with you before proceeding. Complications may include:

- Difficult to open or access windows.

- Smoke build-up.

- New windows with manufacturer stickers.

Why were the garage windows/skylight prices provided separately?

Many of our customers choose not to have their garage windows cleaned so we include the estimate for these separately to save you that money if you choose to skip that service.

Skylights are charged at a higher rate due to the difficulty in reaching and cleaning them. They often do not stay clean for long so it is a service we often recommend skipping.

What services are included in the estimate?

We complete an estimate for cleaning the interior and exterior of all of the windows we can see from the exterior of your home. Please let us know if you are interested in an exterior-only quote. If you have EZE Breeze windows we will separate out the estimate for those windows.

Booking Process
Cleaning Process

What communication will I receive during the booking process?

Once we have conducted your estimate, we will send an email with your pricing and our current availability. You should receive this email within two days unless otherwise informed. Please make sure to check your spam or other folders if you have not heard from us.

Once we have scheduled your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with the date and arrival window. We do our best to provide a 2-hour window. Some afternoon jobs make require a longer window.

We will send a reminder email with day of service instructions 1-2 days before service. These can also be found below under What should I do to prepare before the day of service.

What methods of payment do you take?

Payment is due on the day of service, by cash, check, or credit/debit. Please make check(s) payable to Sea Clean Windows.  If you would like to pay by credit card, please let us know in advance so we can electronically send an invoice for you to make payment upon completion of the serice.

If you would like to pay through your online bank payment service, please request an invoice and submit payment 7-10 days in advance so that payment is received by the day of service.

What if it rains?

We do our best to keep your appointment and can often work around a light or spotty rain forecast. If the forecast calls for heavy, all-day rain, or thunder and lightning, we will reach out to reschedule your cleaning at the earliest day possible. If it is your preference to reschedule due to weather we are able to work in, we understand! Please note, that during our busy seasons, it may take some time to reschedule.

What about hot days?

The safety and well-being of our team are top priorities. On hot days, our crew may take additional breaks and avoid scheduling in the late afternoons. We understand that these temporary changes may add to the time of completion for your work, and apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you. 

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

That is up to you! Most of our customers schedule annually, bi-annually, or three times a year. Our busiest time of year is April through June and we advise contacting us early if you are interested in a Spring cleaning.

Do I need to be home for Exterior-Only Window Cleaning?

We do typically like someone to home at least initially even for outside only cleans. This is in case screens need to be removed from the inside, or any of the upper windows are easier to clean from the inside due to height or obstructions such as bushes. If you prefer for us to only clean what we can from the outside, please ensure that screens either come off from the outside, are unlatched, or have been removed.

How do you clean the windows?

We wash windows with a mop, water, and Dawn soap.  We remove the water and soap with a squeegee. We'll then use a towel to dry off windows. On exterior windows, to remove tougher debris such as bird residue, we use fine brass wool which is non-abrasive to glass. We do not use razor scrapers without the consent of customers and carry no tools which cause damage to regular glass. Most customers choose to have their interior and exterior windows cleaned for maximum results.

Are screens, sills, and tracks included in the cleaning?

We remove all screens and give them a wipe down with a soapy sponge. They are then dried off and replaced. Sills are also wiped down. Tracks are generally not included.

What should I do to prepare before the day of service?

Please raise all window blinds or treatments and remove all nicknacks from windows and sills inside and out if possible.  We will move and return to its place any furniture that hinders our ability to effectively reach windows.


We usually start with the interior of the home because most screens are removed from the inside.  If there are pets in the home that's great, we love'em, please just make us aware. In the rare case that we are unable to do a window because of plantation blinds or some other impediment, we will deduct that window from our final bill.

Do you clean EZE Breeze Windows?

Yes, we clean EZE Breeze windows. As recommended, we use Woolite and are methodical about removing and replacing your windows in the correct location. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the difficulty of cleaning EZE Breeze windows in high humidity we do not clean EZE Breeze from mid-June through mid-September.

Do you do exterior only window cleaning?

Yes, if you prefer we can provide an exterior or outside-only window cleaning service. Please note that if your screens come off from the inside we will either need to come inside your home or ask that you remove the screens prior to the day of service. We may also need to access some 2nd-floor windows from the inside if outside access is not possible or would limit our ability to clean them to our level of satisfaction.

"Dirty" window after service?

If you spot a window that looks dirty after your service, please read this first. Most of the time, the window was not missed but has damage that causes the window to look dirty or spotted. This is often from broken seals. We try to point out damaged windows, especially on our first visit, however, we might not have the opportunity to show you every window on each visit. Please use a clean rag to see if any dirt comes off before reaching out and if we have indeed missed a window, we'll take care of it as soon as possible!

Other Questions

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we carry full liability insurance.

Do you offer other services like power washing or gutter cleaning?

We like to stick to what we know and do best which is providing an excellent hand-washed window cleaning experience. We do not have plans to add on additional services at this time.

How do I write a review?

Thank you for asking! If you had a great experience with Sea Clean Windows, here are a few places you can leave a



What if I wasn't happy with my service?

We strive for excellent customer satisfaction. If you weren't happy with the service provided, please contact us within 36 hours by phone or email. We will work with you to remedy any issues as quickly as possible and to your utmost satisfaction.

What safeguards are in place to prevent damage?

All of our equipment- squeegees, mops, tools to remove screens, and even ladders are rubber or plastic edged to prevent damage. We do not carry or use any scapers during the job without the consent of homeowners.

In the extremely rare case of damage occurring to your property, Sea Clean Windows will take immediate responsibility, notify customers. We are fully insured.

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